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SnowWhite ([personal profile] misswhite) wrote2010-04-05 09:30 pm
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Newsea Lollipop Liegened

- Binned -
- All ages -
- Silver for elders linked to black -

Mesh is included.

Credit to Liegenschonheit for the textures and Newsea for the mesh.
Any problems then let me know. Don't use on paysite or I will stab you. :)

[Aplogies for the shit pictures...this is because I am an idiot and put the wrong 'Downloads' folder in my EA Games folder, that particular folder has next to fuck-all in it...better previews next time, folks.]
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[personal profile] jesslove 2010-04-06 12:04 am (UTC)(link)
This is great! The blond looks so pretty in this. ♥